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At Ehline Law Firm our decorated attorneys and legal team members have consistently delivered above average legal representation for the downtrodden people of California who were harmed due to the negligence and fault of other persons who were either too reckless or too busy to care about their surroundings, or their fellow man.

Since we first put out our shingle in 2005, we have established ourselves in the legal community as the “Masters of Disasters” with a “can do” attitude. Representing the ordinary man in tort claims is our specialty. That means that this firm’s focus is on personal injury claims. Our laser focus guides the injury claims of everyday folks like you, including grandparents, moms, dads, kids and even their civil partners.

Streamlining our practice like this means that we are able to call upon a repository of years of experience of fighting the same insurance companies day in and day for over 10 years. Also, our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, is a former U.S. Marine, so you know right from the get go that we have a take no prisoners ethos when it comes to going toe to toe against anyone with an adverse interest to yours. As veteran experts in the personal injury law field, we are keenly aware of what you dealing with right now. We feel your pain and the strife your family must also endure, and we are here to hold your hand through this arduous and confusing process.

Our number one concern at all times is to is to get you a windfall like outcome that even exceeds your original expectations. We are the assertive lawyers for all tough situations, whether you are seeking a San Diego motorcycle lawyer, or a Los Angeles car accident attorney, our partners will strive to reach their goal of prevailing in all of your California personal injury claims, even when you have lost someone to a wrongful death. Our promise to you is that we don’t win unless you win.


Our "Win Win" Promise:

  • We invest our time in a free initial consultation with you and evaluate your potential case.
  • We have a policy of not charging you any legal fee, unless we score a financial recover for you.
  • We will also pay for the necessary costs of investigations, accident reports, and even help you locate a lien doctor for your medical care while the claim in in process.

Do or Die, We make it Happen.

Your Staff

Michael Ehline

More Staff

Service You Can Trust!

Michael Ehline, and the entire staff at Ehline Law Firm are equipped with the necessary bankroll to fund even the most serious case from beginning to end. Due to our reputation, the other side also knows that we have the toolbox and know how to match them blow for blow.

Large case, or small case, day in and day out, we are constantly adding dollar signs to our record of of over $30,000,000 in payouts to badly hurt individuals and their families. Judges, juries and insurance adjustors alike recognize our rock solid reputation as movers and shakers in the personal injury law field. Our clients know we give service they can trust. We at Ehline are a cut above, and our reputation speaks for itself.

Michael Ehline and the legal advocates at Ehline Law Firm are fierce, and if necessary, in your face when it comes to putting suffering people over Wall Street profits. We stand up to big corporations and the faceless, often cold-hearted liability insurance industry. Don't let them push you around. Make a powerful stand with Ehline at your side.

When you put us in charge of your interests, we will make best efforts to get you significant amounts of money so that you can live comfortably. Big money is what you deserve so you can continue to live your life reasonably, considering your new-found disability and discomfiture. You didn't ask to be placed in this misfortune, but we can help you continue to thrive by making sure you are not placed at a disadvantage after your accident, or into the far off and unpredictable future.

Our representatives are dedicated to ensuring that you are not denied justice, and that integrity in the legal process is upheld. If necessary, our lawyers are ready, willing and able to file your lawsuit until the jury returns with a favorable verdict. The non-feasance, misfeasance and malfeasance of bad people cannot go unaddressed. With full knowledge about this fact, the liability insurance adjustors that we deal with usually would prefer to offer us a quick settlement that be forced to deal with our litigation tactics and procedures.

When victims call Ehline Law into court, it is like the Marines sending in a fire mission against a bunch of insurgents. What this means for the consumer is that our clients had better be fully compensated, "or else." A rapid payout helps eliminate the risks of a bad jury, and loss of time associated with lengthy trials and trial prep. In other words, we pay the case forward by doing the leg-work necessary to lay a proper foundation.

Most defense attorneys and experienced claims adjustors know that the risks will generally outweigh the rewards when they go up against us. You can never go wrong when you retain our world famous expertise.

Recognition and Achievement

Superbly distinguished both in and our of the legal field, Michael Ehine, of Ehline Law Firm has been showered with strong praise, adoration and accolades consistently since his very first case approximately ten years ago. Some of these honors and badges of distinction include: Brain Injury Association of California membership, Personal Injury Warriors membership, International Motorcycle Lawyer’s Association membership, Circle of Legal Trust membership, membership in the elite Million Dollar Advocate Forum, selection as Peer Rated by the elite Martindale-Hubbell, and even given recognition by the Marine Corps. Association, and Orange County Paralegal's Association. To learn more about our decorations and other acclaim, click here.

Mindful of the spotlite we are constantly under with all of this outside attention, our crew's glory is most exemplified by the incredibly big verdicts and settlements we continue to obtain, often in such large amounts that it will make your head spin. Our biggest badge of distinction is making it happen for you and other future clients. Many of our payouts to clients have surpassed the multiple millions of dollars mark in outcomes.

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