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Catastrophic Brain, Bone, and Spinal Injuries Due to Automobile Crashes

Memory Loss
Erasing memory

Among the worst injuries suffered due to car accidents include brain injuries. Such accidents can permanently affect the victim and force them to carry a victim for the rest of their life. Such injuries won’t be easily treated and cost a ton of money.

Even with the use of modern helmets, such injuries happen. At the top of head injuries include traumatic brain injuries. Also, they get called TBI and mild traumatic brain injuries, or MTBI. Even with helmets, a high chance of severe concussion can result when faced in such an accident.

Examples include bicycle and motorcycle wrecks. These two-wheeled vehicles offer little to protect the rider. Conversely, the car operator gets surrounded in a metal cage. The rider usually gets bad road rash if they’re lucky.

A thrown rider regularly ends up with a head and neck injury. And they often lose memory. Their broken bones and recovery for bodily harm often hamper the diagnostics of traumatic head injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries often cause serious side effects, including:

  • Memory loss, both long and short term
  • Lack of focus
  • Slurred speech
  • Failure of reading comprehension
  • Permanent pain or inability to perceive pain
  • Dramatic mood shifts and severe agitation
  • Fits of depression
  • Fidgeting and nervousness

Spinal Injuries. A Constant Concern.

In conjunction with brain injuries, significant risks of spine injuries come from a crash. Some can suffer whiplash or break their spinal cord. Vertebrae and cord damage can lead to many issues. Some can be from loss of feeling to paralysis to other potential life long issues. Paraplegia and quadriplegia remain severe problems and constant concern.

Either one of these injuries could cause a permanent loss of enjoyment of life or affection. It likely could result in an inability to work and lost wages. As with other spinal issues, the cost of treatment and therapy remains severe. These could include incredible bills your insurance refuse to cover.

Broken Bones and Fractures a Common Injury.

Many, many vehicle crashes result in broken bones and fractures. The impact with the road or ground can lead to fragile bones getting snapped or shattered. In some cases, fractured bones can protrude out of the skin. Thus, open wounds cause a high risk of infection in addition to bone mending issues. Broken bones often require painful surgery. Sometimes patients need titanium screws to re-attach bones. Also, extensive physical therapy seems to be part of the norm.

Act Quickly to Document Medical Conditions.

When injured in a car, make sure that you get covered in the aftermath. Getting quality medical care appears to the obvious. But many drivers fail to seek prompt, professional medical care. Because of all the pitfalls, having an attorney specialized in car accidents can make a difference.

Michael Ehline, the firm’s leader is a car enthusiast. So he understands what it means to enjoy the open road. Also, the Ehline Law Firm has handled hundreds of similar cases in the past. So they understand the many nuances of taking them to court.

Furthermore, we know that there remain potential issues in the courts. Also, we know how to take on insurance companies and recalcitrant defendants. Most of all, we know how to take care of our clients. Hence, we work on contingency. So we don’t ask for any money unless we win the case for you.

Last, we will come anywhere in California for a free, no-pressure consultation. For more information, contact us today. So either call (888) 400-9721 or email us using the form on the right.

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