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Let the apostle of motorcycle law help you. Were you hurt in a fortuitous collision or crash in a crowded city in Los Angeles County, or City? Determining who is legally responsiband dependsfic accident or casualty, is the first step in getting paid and depends upon the carelessness, among other factors, of the alleged wrongdoer. Having a great legal advocate helps to achieve this goal.

Why Choose Us as Your Champion?

  • We understand how to get your motorbike repaired as soon as possible
  • Ehline Law Firm PC is local to Los Angeles County Courts
  • Able to find evidentiary holes in biased police reports
  • Thousands of successful cases from start to finish
  • Award Winning Super Lawyers Rising Star
  • Firm is run by a former U.S. Marine
  • Convenient locations statewide
  • Millions of dollars recovered
  • Free initial consultations
  • We advance costs
  • WE RIDE!

An Experienced Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Our lead attorney is a rider.  He goes to the biker rallies, stays up to date on the latest bikes, and court rulings dealing bikers, safety laws, etc.  Michael Ehline is also an inactive U.S. Marine, so he understands the needs of military clients, and the fact that we use bikes more than cars, for obvious reasons like storage upon deployment (learn more about military motorcycle accidents here.) We have an experienced staff of legal professionals know exactly what we need to do in order to maximize the value of your case. Los Angeles is a huge city and county.  The density of cars on the road means there is a high likelihood that you could be next. Whether an L.A. city motorcycle collision, or Santa Monica bike crash, your medical doctors and hospitals need to be paid, and the wrongdoer should be forced to pay under our tort system.

  • We can help you get paid for your injuries and loss of use of your bike

Using us, as your mouthpiece, as opposed trying to handle this yourself, or hiring an incompetent ambulance chaser, can keep you sane and out of jail.

  • Hiring us means you don’t “lose it”, or do something  could regret later.

An angry biker might try and handle this the old fashioned way. Don’t do it. Let us be your legal sword, shield and referee. This avoids self help, like the days of the wild west. In a civilized society, the evil doer should pay for his transgressions in money damages. We work with qualified experts to investigate your case and learn the finer points of your individual fact patterns. Our injury law firm has vast legal knowledge of the anatomy of motorcycle incidents.

Angelinos should know their legal rights. This service includes representation for mishaps on trail bikes and mopeds. Even if you have injured yourself while riding operating a chopper, vespa or scooter, don’t guess at the value of your case!  Don’t deal with an antagonistic liability insurance company’s adjustors and lawyers, while unrepresented by your own proponent. Call now.

Different Risks to Bikers In Bumper to Bumper Traffic of Los Angeles

especially during rush hour,  don’t always pay attention. Motorcycles are usually two wheeled vehicles like a Ducati, Harley Davidson, or BMW, that will usually eject the rider in a high, or even low speed crash. This poses a different risk than a four or three wheeled conveyance. Even pads and helmets do little to protect the motorcycle riders in a freak accident. This can leave the traveler and passengers with a ruptured disc, a serious brain injury, or even result in wrongful death. Because we have vast knowledge of tort laws, we can help guide you through the legal quagmire that other motorbike accidents attorneys either don’t have the time, or the desire to take on when valuating your damages claims. The Statistical Dangers of Riding In Los Angeles County

As noted here, Los Angeles is a large, crowded city and county. Motorcycle rider statistics show a chance of a smash up are great in this geographic area. Riders don’t have a chance against the four wheeled, steel beasts we call automobiles. In freeway and highway traffic accidents, state traffic laws, like the California Vehicle Code, provide the rules of the road. Violating these rules and then causing a collision could create a rebut-able presumption of negligence – aka negligence per se – and ultimate liability. In many situations, car operators could be liable for a mischance traffic accident, even if they were driving at, or below the posted speed limit, or otherwise obeying the laws of the state.

This is because, for example, a “safe” speed and not the posted speed is what is required for a responsible driver. Another example would be a roadway defect, or foggy conditions, or cases where the sun is in the car driver’s eyes, impairing visibility. These conditions would require extra care and caution when driving on the road, like pulling over to the curb when safe, or driving slower. If not, the driver could cause a smash up or serious spill onto the roadway, or into a curb or fence, vehicle, or other inanimate object. You need comprehensive info on dealing with the insurance company, and indemnification

Get Legal Advice Now!

At Ehline Law Firm, our staff of seasoned motorcycle lawyers offer free phone consultations to injured tort victims, and litigate surface street and roadway accidents throughout the the City of Angles, and in Los Angeles County. We have recovered millions in verdicts and settlements, and are manned by an inactive U.S. Marine. Case we take include injuries to riders of motorcycles due to the negligence of another. The mischief promulgating from these collisions isn’t the same as that suffered in an enclosed passenger car with seat-belts and airbags. In fact, they are not even close. The local Ehline Law Firm legal advocates are experienced riders, as well as motorcycle accident lawyers, who will aggressively litigate your case to help make sure that you recover the maximum compensation, such as lost wages, allowable under the law. These damages include, monetary recovery for mental and physical pain and suffering.

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